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Advance Notice: I'm taking a few gap months off from the business in the first half of this year. This website will be offline from the start of February until the start of July 2017, and no orders will be taken during this period. I'll be up and running again in the second half of the year. Apologies for any inconvenience.

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Whether you are shopping for a gift for a friend or browsing for yourself, we’re sure you’ll find something to make you smile as only chocolate can! Our chocolates range from bars and slabs that are perfect for a bit of ‘me time’, to handmade chocolates that are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, and ‘just because’.


If you fancy something a bit different, you might want to try one of our jars of caramel and chocolate sauces. Drizzle on ice-cream, pour over pancakes, enjoy as a romantic dessert fondue, or just dunk your finger in the jar! The possibilities and pleasures are endless… Each jar comes with an ideas card, and they make lovely and unusual gifts.


Also available are chocolate-based patisserie items, such as macarons, dacquoise and brownies, in some, if we say so ourselves, pretty gorgeous and unique flavours. From Chilli Pistachio Dacquoise, to Boozy Black Forest Brownies, to Raspberry, Rose & White Chocolate Macarons, these are suitable for a range of occasions: girls’ nights in, dinner parties, hen/stag events, wedding buffets, or just to celebrate the fact that sometimes Fridays happen and they happen to be wonderful!


Our Hampers page is a great place to find gifts, too. We have a range of sizes, themes and indulgences, perfect for a special birthday, Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day or, frankly, just because you want to try a bit of everything! You can even design your own hamper - just choose the hamper style and the ribbon you like, then add the items you want in the hamper to your shopping basket. Use the ‘Contact’ form to advise us of any special message or personalisation, and we’ll do the rest!


New products are continually being added, whether for calendar events such as Christmas and Easter, or simply because we’ve been playing in the kitchen again and have invented something we think you’ll love. So, be sure to keep checking back to see what’s new as well as to stock up on your favourites! A great way of doing this is to sign up to our newsletter. You won’t be bombarded with spam, you’ll just receive a little ‘hello’ from us now and then and maybe the odd discount code - and who doesn’t love those?!

If it makes you SMILE

it's GOOD for you!


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Our chocolates are artisan-produced: all homemade with an artistic flair and a focus on quality products and innovative flavours. Chocolate also takes centre stage in the cakes and baked treats we produce. There are plenty of original and unique designs and flavours, and many products have an option to personalise.

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